Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness (CI)) insurance provides financial protection when a major illness is diagnosed. The benefit is paid in a lump sum to be used as the policy holder sees fit.  As health insurers continue to limit benefits in an effort to stay profitable, CI can provide money to cover treatments, facilities, or prescriptions not covered by your health insurance or that are covered on a limited basis.

CI can also provide you with the ability to seek treatment from a doctor not covered by your health insurance. CI can even provide money to replace lost wages due to recovery time and/or lost wages of a spouse who stays at home to help with the recovery.  In short, CI provides you with options, choice, control, independence, and reduced stress!

Some of the best prospects for CI are: 

  • Self Employed
  • Anyone who has maxed out their disability income coverage and wants more
  • Spouses of high wage earners
  • High risk occupations